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Spon Lane Day Nursery Local Offer

For our children:

Here at Spon Lane Day nursery we believe the needs of each individual child is paramount. Our vision is to create a homely environment for our children to feel safe and loved, make secure attachments to their key person to enable them to thrive, gain self-confidence and become independent learners. The uniqueness of our children is respected and celebrated, we aim to create and maintain outstanding provision where children's interests and opinions matter. Our children will be given the opportunity to develop their own individual character and explore their creative abilities to develop holistically and achieve their potential to the fullest and be given the best start in life.
Special educational needs and disabilities.


At Spon Lane Day nursery we follow the DFES SEND Code of practice 2014. We aim to promote the inclusion of all children and parents in our setting. We develop strong partnerships with parents by ensuring they are included in their child's development and feel supported at all times. Each child will have a key person whose role it is to develop a close relationship with both the child and parent/carer. If a parent has a concern about their child's development this information should be shared with the key person who will they take further action assessing the child/ The key person will be responsible for regular observations an assessments that link to the development matters age and stages of development which will highlight any gaps in their development.


If the key person has identified a possible individual need, this will be discussed with you and together you can plan how best to support the child. The nursery SENCO may be asked for advice in order to support the key person and your child. The nursery SENCO may also liase with other professionals with your permission, such as an area SENCO, speech and language therapist, children's centers and health visitors. This advice may include meetings and reports in order to enable the key person to plan for the individual needs of your child.


The local community

Here at Spon Lane Day nursery we do our best to provide needed facilities of the local community. We offer 15 hours free funding for all 3 years old and eligible 2 years old. The sessions offered are as flexible as the nursery can be in order to run smoothly and meets the needs of our children to the best of our ability. Nursery opening times have been thoroughly thought out so working parents can also be offered extremely flexible times to suit their needs. All staff are happy to support parents with any issues or concerns they, if staff are unable to resolve this they will sign post parents to further help and information.


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